“With USAID and World vision’s support, I have the skills to use computers and be a part of the local Youth Information Center and support my community use online services such as COVID-19 vaccination registration!” Says Shormila Mollik, one of the 1,400 youths engaged with 20 Youth Information Centers equipped with digital gadgets like laptops, printers, scanners etc. by Nobo Jatra Project across four sub districts in southwest Bangladesh so that communities have access to information and online services.

With USAID support, World Vision supports mothers in southwest Bangladesh through Nobo Jatra Project helping children build on their nutrition resilience. Smritikona Mondol is one of the 25,813 mothers who received a monthly Conditional Cash Transfer of $27 for 15 months while she was pregnant with her son Kritik ensuring nutrition intake and healthcare services for the mother and baby.

‘Nobo Jatra- new beginning’, a USAID food security, nutrition and resilience project, is helping women and men in southwest Bangladesh with skills to help support their families. 18,267 micro entrepreneurs like Kakoli Das, are trained with market driven skills such as bamboo product, paper box, shopping bag making that provide regular incomes all year round.

Bridging the digital divide in southwest Bangladesh

USAID and World Vision Bangladesh support sustained community-based healthcare services in southwest Bangladesh

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Transforming lives through generations- Nobo Jatra Ultra poor Gradution approach

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Digital platforms are empowering youth

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Building resilience through climate smart agriculture

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