As a voluntary non-government organization, Nabolok works predominantly in Khulna, Satkhira and Bagerhat located in the south west coastal region of Bangladesh. As a local partner NGO for Nobo Jatra, Nabolok will be implementing the Disaster Risk Reduction portfolio of activities under World Food Programme.

A local non government development organization set up in 1991, Shushilan focuses onn the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh with the specific mission to redress the declining natural resource base, livelihoods and food security of the local populations. Shushilan will be implementing interventions on gender, social accountability and saving groups under World Vision Bangladesh.

CODEC has been working as a people centered development organization since October 1985. CODEC is a pioneer in representing the coastal and riverine community in Bangladesh and will be implementing activities as part of Nobo Jatra’s agriculture and livelihoods component under Winrock International.