Technology, Transparency and Accountability in Nobo Jatra

At last count, within the 856,116 direct beneficiaries, Nobo Jatra further aims to target approximately 26 categories of beneficiaries through its diverse and holistic range of interventions. Challenges surrounding accurate tracking and recording of beneficiaries along with minimizing overlap between the numerous interventions have been at the fore since day one. Accountability and transparency of the selection procedure and the process and system used to capture, aggregate and disseminate data further underpins all program strategies.

Against this backdrop and with the clear incentive to efficiently manage the huge number of program beneficiaries, Nobo Jatra has developed a cutting edge real time Management Information System (MIS) to register households, enroll program beneficiaries assigning a unique ID to each individual, maintain up to service records and also produce accurate and valid analysis and reports. The MIS system was conceptualized and designed to capture diverse ranges of program data and further provide regulated access to this data to all relevant stakeholders including the Government of Bangladesh, USAID, World Vision as a whole and Nobo Jatra consortium partners.

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